New Builds – Why Homestaging Is A Must

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New Builds – why Homestaging is a must

As a developer, whether established or novice, you know much planning, effort, stress and investment has gone into the building process. But after months jumping through hoops, the time finally comes when the marketing and eventually sale, is imminent. But how do you maximise your ROI?


The answer lies in a great marketing team, and a trusted homestaging partner.


Maximise your investment returns

It is easy to see why staging an older home makes it easier to sell than if it were empty. A new build works the same way. The goal of staging is to highlight a property’s advantages and create a desirable “lifestyle” that will draw buyers in.


Distinctive Homestaging plans each home stage individually, ensuring that the property’s potential is emphasised and viewers – both online and those through the door – aspire to the mood and ambience created.

The US-based National Association of Realtors found that 83% of agents believe staging a property made it easier for a buyer to visualise the property as a future home. Additionally, 44% of agents reported that staging increased the sale price of a home.


More importantly, here in Auckland, our clients say the same.


Drive the emotive response in buyers

Emotional connections influence a vast number of our purchase decisions (read more about that here).These emotions effect the properties we buy as well as the amount we are willing to pay for them. It is for this reason that eliciting the most effective emotional response in viewers is key from the moment they view the images online, to how they feel when they walk through the front door.


Making people feel at home and encouraging them to visualise themselves is harder when a property is empty – sometimes more so in a newly built one. Homestaging makes it easier to see how they could live in the space.

Homestaging can make a house feel more exclusive

Thanks to the media and popular culture, staged houses can make buyers feel that they are more exclusive – top quality linens linen, accessories and rugs elevate a home and command a higher price. There is a direct correlation between high-quality images of a fully furnished, well staged home and the number of viewers that a home receives.

If you want more feet through the door, and for those viewings to result in higher offers, then you need to stage your property. Call us or email for a quote.